New All on 4

A technologically advanced dental implant treatment option for your full mouth reconstruction.

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The New All on 4

The newest dental implant solution with fixed prosthesis placed in just 4-6 implants with the 3StepSmiles™ methodology. Moreover we eliminate the metal in the prosthesis structure, thus avoiding corrosion that occurs over time and low biocompatibility. This way we also reduce the final weight of the prosthesis, gaining safety and aesthetics. We use a fixed prosthesis made of peek composite, a new generation thermoplastic polymer that is biocompatible, lightweight and safe.

We can use it in cases where the Dr. considers that it is necessary for reasons of vertical dimension or due to the absence of bone, since it can be placed with only 4 implants.


Minimally invasive surgery

We strive to ensure the well-being of our patients by using the latest technologies to minimize pain and discomfort thanks to our guided, navigated Surgery.


Teeth ready in 24 hours

Thanks to our 3stepsmiles™ methodology, the patient collaborates in the design of their smile that it is completed within 24 hours after surgery.


New generation materials

We use biocompatible materials that reduce the corrosion that occurs with metals making them naturally light and safe. A natural aesthetic look and feel.


Financing options available

Financing in 60 months, check conditions in the clinic. What are you waiting for to smile again? Ask for your appointment and invest in the quality of life.

Estudio implantologico

Implantalogical study of a patient with All On 4 treatment

3StepSmiles™ Methodology Applied to New All On 4

We apply our 3StepSmiles™ work methodology on New All on 4 dental implant treatment, with this we manage to streamline the procedures that are carried out through digitization. 3StepSmiles™ consists of three steps: planning, execution, and the final smile.

Digital Planning

Within the digital planning a complete implant study will be carried out, this consists of:

  • Ct-scan, intraoral scanner and photos.
  • DSD (digital smile design), to preview and collaborate on the design.
  • Planning of surgery and treatment plan: all on four is always under doctor’s recommendation according to the characteristics of the patient.
Cirugia navegada con Edurado Crooke

Navigated surgery performed by Dr. Crooke & his team

Surgical Phase

In the surgical phase we start with the extraction of your damaged teeth using a PRGF (plasma rich in growth factor), where we use your own blood to create plasma making your heal faster and more comfortable. After the extraction of the damaged teeth we will proceed to the placement of 4-6 implants per arch in the same moment, the inclination of 2 of the dental implants allows the support of the prosthesis, this technique is called immediate implant placing. Surgery can be of 3 different types:

  • Navigated Surgery: X-guide technology to connect the planning done on the computer with the mouth in real time.
  • Guided Surgery: Combination of images to create an exact 3D model that allows you to map the mouth to the millimeter.
  • Conventional Surgery: X-rays are used to evaluate the available bone. If it can be done safely and predictably, the implant can be placed the same day the patient goes to the initial consultation.
Cirugia navegada con Edurado Crooke

Navigated surgery performed by Dr. Crooke & his team

Photos of prosthesis structure in PEEK material and teeth in Composite

Final Smile

Three months after the surgery and the total healing of the patient, the temporary prosthesis will be changed for the definitive one. In Crooke Dental Clinic laboratory we have developed a personalized dental implant material for the prosthesis using PEEK-PMMA absolutely free metal. It is very lightweight and comfortable, and 100% biocompatible.

All the design is done with digital flow and made by specialised engineers, giving our patients the best smile.

DR.Eduardo Crooke

Dental implant cases before and after

Learn about the work of our dentists and see these amazing transformations.

Rehabilitación dientes fijos en zirconio con implantes (5)
Rehabilitación dientes fijos en zirconio con implantes (5)
Rehabilitación dientes fijos en zirconio con implantes (5)

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