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What happens when you don’t replace your missing teeth?

When we have a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth tend to change the right position, causing them to become twisted or creating new spaces between them.

Maxillary atrophy can be due to various factors such as bone loss, tumor resection, or other genetic disorders and syndromes. The fabrication of a prosthesis with adequate retention and stability for patients with an atrophied jaw due to missing teeth presents a great challenge. The goal of rehabilitation is not only to provide an acceptable aesthetic appearance, but also to restore oral functions such as swallowing, chewing, and phonation.

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    Dr. Eduardo Crooke implantologist

    Eduardo Crooke Gonzalez De Aguilar

    Dental Implants, Prosthetics and Aesthetics

    Dr. Crooke graduated in dentistry in Madrid in the year 2000 and in implantology in Goteborg. Since then he has devoted his career to dental implants and Aesthetic restorations. Today he has several specialised dental clinics in Spain and the UK, where all the dental procedures are carried out by a multidisciplinary team with only the most experienced dentists in their own fields.

    He is an international reference in the field of advanced surgery using guided and GPS controlled procedures that results in painless and minimally invasive treatments. This technology together with his training on special dental implants, allows him to maximise the existing bone and avoid the need for bone grafts.

    Case Studies for full mouth rehabilitation

    Patient Reviews

    Outstanding dental treatment. Outstanding customer service from all members of the team. I could not be happier with my new smile. Thank you all!!
    Juan Carreno
    Juan Carreno
    08:32 28 May 21
    It was an extraordinary experience to be a patient of the Crooke Clinic. I am extremely satisfied with the results obtained for care and aesthetics! The whole team is highly professional and caring. I strongly recommend the Crooke Clinic!
    Grazia Riverditi
    Grazia Riverditi
    08:18 26 May 21
    Had most positive experience form just walking in, was treated in prompt and professional "Dental work" way, also setting up second appointment quickly, to finish up... I can highly recommend, also as an added plus > you receive a free 1 hour parking coupon in the INDIGO underground garage nearby.
    theodore moser
    theodore moser
    18:36 06 Apr 21
    I could not be happier with the extremely professional service at Crooke and Laguna. I have used them for several years for various procedures both simple and complicated and they have been fantastic. All of the staff are warm and helpful, mostly my wife and I have been looked after by Felix and Virginia who are both incredible. I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend Crooke and Laguna .
    Rufus Deakin
    Rufus Deakin
    08:29 17 Mar 21
    My dental treatment with Clinica Dental Crook Marbella was the best ever experience I've had for dental treatment. They have the most up to date equipment with experienced technicians, Doctors and personnel that are always smiling and very helpful with any information or advice.Would recommend with out hesitation as the best available.
    Alan Mcdonagh
    Alan Mcdonagh
    16:22 05 Feb 21
    I fell asleep on a plane to Spain and woke up with a chipped front tooth! Panic ensued, I googled local dentists and found this one. They agreed to see me right away and I gladly jumped in a cab from the airport When I arrived, the dentist (whose day off it was!) had stayed behind to see me. They built up my chipped tooth with composite and I was in a cab, heading back to my friends in less than an hour. Honestly an incredible service, which I was so grateful for. Without him, my holiday would have been a disaster. Thank you 🙏
    Kelly Lowe
    Kelly Lowe
    18:19 21 Jan 21
    Great service, and the first Dentist I had, really took time to help me with my problem and the service he provided was one of the best experiences I had (forgot his name) with dentists. And also really good service coordinating things and keeping contact, since I do not live in Spain (Denmark). Unfortunately I have not been able to travel the last year due to Covid but hope to come back soon.
    prof jaag
    prof jaag
    10:53 21 Jan 21
    Great me and my wife ,my wife was in so much pain had all teeth removed and new put over 2 years now ,at a can eat anything no problem. Me I had false ones for now getting ready for my replacement soon . Would highly recommend
    John Hoskins
    John Hoskins
    10:22 21 Jan 21
    I searched the Internet looking for recommendations to have my clip on Dentures changed to a fixed Denture. I've had Implants for over 25 years and my fixed had broken down with wear and the clip on were not what I expected.Due to the price in the UK to have fixed again I found Clinica Dental Crook in Spain, I had them changed over 2 years ago in their Surgery in Malaga. I am so pleased with the service and price they have given me, would not hesitate to recommend their services.
    Elaine Cartlidge
    Elaine Cartlidge
    09:22 21 Jan 21
    Very happy with the service I received. The clinic was spotless, staff were super helpful and friendly and all experts in their field. I was transported to and from the clinic free of charge and I will definitely be back.
    EN F
    EN F
    08:52 21 Jan 21
    The quality of service and care is excellent. Very professional. I highly recommend Clinica Dental Crooke.
    Esther V
    Esther V
    19:09 29 Feb 20
    I had been considering a smile makeover for some time and had priced my required work in Scotland, my home Country. Personally I just couldn’t reconcile how they arrived at their costs?So I spent a considerable amount of time researching the option of having the procedure carried out in Europe. This lead me to Crooke Dental Clinic in Spain. My work was carried out by Dr Ricardo in their Marbella clinic, concluded in 2 visits over a 4 day period. I honestly cannot speak highly enough of him and his team. Professional, friendly and genuinely interested in delivering what I as the client wanted to achieve.Needless to say I am delighted with the end result and have no hesitation in highly recommending Crooke Dental Clinics, and all achieved at half the cost of UK comparisons. 🙂
    Mark - Scotland
    Mark - Scotland
    17:23 07 Feb 20
    Over the past year I have had a number of treatments in Crooke & Laguna Clinica Dental in Marbella. This culminated in a number of implants and a bridge. I cannot overstate the qualities of service, professionalism and care which I received and have no hesitation in recommending this clinic.
    Des Redmond
    Des Redmond
    12:41 04 Nov 19
    Can't thank all the staff enough for all their work and help especially hanae and paco! The clinic is top class and everyone is very professional! Would recommend this clinic to anyone, can't rate it enough!
    Amanda Kelly
    Amanda Kelly
    18:31 02 Oct 19
    Treatment was first class, all went as planned.Staff were knowledgeable and most helpful.Highly recommendable
    steven mucklestone
    steven mucklestone
    19:05 12 Sep 19
    Three months ago, after several visits to the clinic, for extraction, fitting, adjusting and finally implanting, I can confirm that it has been a most satisfactory and completely successful experience. I must thank the clinic for their professionalism and the way reassured me as the process unfurled. I can certainly recommend them to any who ask.
    Anthony Yateman
    Anthony Yateman
    06:15 06 Sep 19
    Was treated very well, and as far as one can enjoy dental trips, my trips were very good. All staff were extremely kind. A special thank you to driver, Paco. He was wonderful and we had interesting conversations.Thanks to all of you.
    Nora Keegan
    Nora Keegan
    15:11 28 Jun 19

    Dental implant solutions with bone loss


    Zygomatic Implants

    What are zygomatic implants?

    They are one of the longest implants that are normally used in the mouth (around 45-55 mm versus the conventional 10 to 15 mm) and are placed as conventional anchored implants but slightly up, in the zygomatic bone.

    When is it appropriate to use zygomatic implants?

    • Severe bone resorption of the maxilla.
    • Usually in patients who have many years without teeth.
    • Patients who have suffered an aggressive periodontal disease.
    • In patients usually have little bone in the jaw
    • When recovery time and treatment are important.

    Short Implants

    What are they?
    Root prefabricated in titanium, which is placed on the site where there is no tooth. It is usually equal to or less than 8 mm.

    When used?
    Its use is subject to the patient’s anatomy when we can not place implants of regular size (10 mm or more) where bone loss has ocurred. We use short dental implants instead of bone grafts.

    Advantages: Its advantages include a surgical technique with low morbidity, rapid bone healing as regular sized implants. Avoids having to perform bone grafts.

    Techniques For Complex Cases


    Sinus lift

    This adds bone to the whole jaw creating volume and improving the aesthetics of dental implants.


    Bone graft / gum graft

    We can perform a Bone Graft and use regular implants.


    Guided bone regeneration

    Vertical and horizontal. Also guided tissue regeneration.

    Why choose us?

    Security Protocol

    We taking all the necessary measures recommended by the Ministry of Health and the Council of Dentists to actively collaborate in the control of Covid-19 infection.


    Finance Plans

    We have financing options available for our patients, financing in 60 months at no additional cost! Consult the conditions in the clinic.



    We have at your disposal a collaboration network with special discounts on accommodation. We help you every step of the way.



    For patients who come from different parts of Spain or abroad, with our transfer service we can pick you up and take you from Malaga airport to the clinic.

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