Complete Rehabilitation with TeethWow®

Zirconium Implants to Restore Smiles in Patients with Normal Bone Density

Cutting-Edge Technology and Over 15 Years of Experience.

Continuous pursuit of excellence to provide you with high-quality results, minimally invasive process and quick recovery

The TeethWow® treatment in three steps:


Digital Phase

First, the digital planning begins with a 3D scanner, an intraoral scanner, and the capture of photographs.

Our specialists will create a smile study that will allow you to preview the outcome.


Surgical Phase

During the surgery, damaged dental pieces will be removed, and six to eight implants will be placed.

Digital impressions will be taken using the intraoral scanner to manufacture your temporary teeth within 24 hours.


Prosthetic Phase

We use monolithic zirconia to digitally develop metal-free, unique dental implants.

Three months after the surgical phase, the temporary fixed teeth will be replaced by the permanent ones, and the treatment will be completed.


Why Choose Us?

The Best Results with Dental Implants in Just 3 Clinic Visits

By utilizing the most advanced technology and maintaining control over the entire process, we reduce the number of clinic visits and the time spent on each one. We offer faster treatments with superior results compared to traditional dentistry.

Biocompatible Zirconia Prosthetics

By using zirconia, we ensure biocompatibility, increased durability, and higher resistance, as well as a more stable and natural color for your smile.

Technology for Planning and Executing Safe and Precise Procedures

Digitally planned treatments are meticulously analyzed and designed by a multidisciplinary team of expert dentists. Every aspect of the treatment and all possible outcomes are considered during the planning. The result is a safer and less invasive implantology treatment.

Methodology that Replicates Your Smile Design with Perfect Precision

Our experience and methodology, combined with cutting-edge digital technology, enable us to showcase the final result before starting the treatment. This is the only way to ensure our patient’s satisfaction with their new smile.

Testimonials from Our Patients

“The treatment has been unbeatable.”
– Anne Marie

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