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Why Choose Spain for my Dental treatment Abroad?

Time, money and discomfort are three of the biggest problems facing a dental patient. These problems can become more important when you are looking for dental treatment in Spain or abroad in other European countries. Crooke Clinic has created the 3StepSmiles™ methodology that puts an end to these obstacles.

With 3StepSmiles™ you would have 100% digital planning where we involve the patient in deciding the look of the smile to guarantee satisfaction. This methodology has also helped to take control over the cost of production and reduce the number of visits to the clinic allowing to save money on high quality dental treatments.


At Crooke Dental Clinic we are experts in complex cases such as full mouth reconstruction over natural teeth and dental implants. One of our main aims is to achieve excellence in the final outcome and the satisfaction of our patients. Our team has served international patients for more than 10 years, we speak Spanish, English, French, and Russian.

We always offer cutting edge treatments with a full warranty. We have private waiting rooms for special patients and a surgical area for recovery. All our treatments can be performed under conscious sedation, always controlled by Anaesthesiologists. This allows the patient to enjoy a unique dental experience without any pain.

How does it work?


As a start, we get in touch with you to explain to you fully what the treatments involve and give you a quotation. We can answer all the questions you may have and make an appointment for you. From that moment you will be assigned a patient coordinator. Someone that speaks your language is going to be with you all the way and after.

Your point of contact, he or she will do all the necessary arrangements for your trip. Before arranging your trip you can send us your digital scans and CAT scans that will allow us to provide you with your treatment plans and their cost.



More than 50 airlines land at Malaga airport directly from major cities. Malaga Airport is well connected by car, train and bus. It is full of shops, exhibition halls, museums, VIP lounges and conference rooms. With 5 terminals and 2 runways it occupies the 4th position on traffic volume in Spain and the 20th in Europe.

Transfers from Malaga Airport: all of our dental treatments include transfer service from the airport to the accommodation and from the accommodation to the clinic.


We will need to know about any possible allergies or health conditions that can affect your dental treatment. You can make a checklist or ask for it to your local dentist/doctor.


  • Your passport or identity card.
  • Travel insurance (optional).
  • Tickets for whichever method of travel you have chosen.
  • Any X-rays you have.
  • Credit card-debit card as a payment method.
  • Medical records / dental records in order. We will need to know about any possible allergies or health conditions that can affect your dental treatment. You can make a checklist or ask from your local dentist/doctor.
  • Telephone number of the person who will pick you up from the airport on your arrival.


You can stay in our apartment or in any partner accommodation we have negotiated special rates for our patients.

Dental treatments usually require you to make 1 visit for a smile makeover and 1 or 2 visits for dental implants between 2 to 5 working days.

All the treatments will take place at our dental clinic.


Your treatment

We have developed specific protocols for a rapid and complete treatment. We use computer guided surgery, a sophisticated software that enables us to plan the operation by means of a computer program so that we can be more precise with no stiches or swelling. We have also shortened the treatment steps with Immediate loading or teeth in a day where we place the restoration within 48 hours after surgery. We have at our disposal our own labs with CAD/CAM technology working for you whilst you are on holiday and enjoying the sun.


The final smile

We have the technology to provide you with fixed teeth from day one in most of the cases, referred to as teeth in a day or immediate loading. Ask if you are eligible for our express solution.

The temporary teeth are made in PMMA, a material that is lighter and can be placed straight after the implant placement. You can use these teeth while the osseointegration of your implants occurs and up to a year.

Our Digital Laboratory will make your final teeth in PEEK or ZIRCONIA. These 2 materials have been modified by our department of innovation after many years of testing and experience that allow us to give you longer lasting dental treatments . They are biocompatible materials that reduce the corrosion that occurs with metals making them naturally light and safe with a natural aesthetic look and feel.


Crooke Dental Tourism, the best way to care for your dental health.

Please visit our dedicated UK website for arranging your affordable dental treatment in Spain.

While you're our patient, enjoy the Sun of Marbella
Our apartments are just 5 minutes from the beach.



I feel like I'm back to my own natural teeth... As soon as I was handed the mirror I said WOW

Anne Marie


I'm very happy with my treatment, I think Crooke's been very professional.


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