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We have a team of professional and fully qualified dentists

There are many Dental Clinics in Marbella but none with the confidence and quality of our dental team, we are experts in the best dental treatments. If you have any type of oral problem come to Clinica Dental Crooke Marbella where we offer you the best solutions.

Experts in implantology, aesthetics, and orthodontics. Our team is formed by patient coordinators, hygienists, and dental nurses, who work with and for the patient, adapting always to their needs. Dedicated efforts from our consultancy offices in the latest digital design and information technologies, keep us up to date with everything that is happening in the odontology community.


Each of our professionals is an expert in one or more areas, which allows us to offer each patient the best option according to their needs. They will evaluate your case and will make the most appropriate treatment for you to get the best smiles.


Dr Eduardo Crooke

Implantology Director
Digital Odontology, Esthetic Dental & Surgery

Dr Félix Wucherpfenning

Implantology and Dental Esthetics

Dr Marta Arjona

Implantology, Esthetic and Orthodontics

Dr Ricardo Recena

Implantology, Esthetic and Prosthetics


Dr Marta San Martín

Implantology and Prosthetics


Dr Javier Bravo

Implantology, Periodontic and Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr Carmen López

Implantology, Periodontic and Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr Catina Ridao

Restoration & Aesthetic Dentistry


Dr Jennifer Gutiérrez


Dr Laura Medina

General Dentistry

Dr Cristina Castrillo

General Dentistry


Dra. Erica Fuster

General Dentistry and Aesthetic Dentistry

Dental nurses

Raquel Cervan

Dental Nurse

Laura Gutiérrez

Dental Nurse

Mª José Sánchez

Dental Nurse

Paula Vázquez

Dental Nurse

Cynthia Cáceres

Dental Nurse

Marta Lara

Dental Nurse


Esther Lorente

Higienista Dental


Alba García

Dental Nurse


Noemí González

Dental Nurse


Alfonso Cardeño

Marbella Clinic Director

Patient Coordinator

María José Quiñones

La Linea Clinic Director

Patient Coordinator


Marina Sánchez

Alicante Clinic Director
Patient Coordinator



Marisol Flores



Alexandra Wiksten


recepcionista crooke dental clinics

Toñi Olmo


Tula Crooke

International Bussiness Director


Najouane Rajhi

Patient Coordinator

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