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Have you ever noticed that you unintentionally clench your teeth?

Bruxism is an unconscious clenching of the upper teeth with the lower teeth, which affects around 15% of the population, causing constant headaches, pain in the facial muscles and can lead to severe tooth wear. As it mostly occurs during sleep makes it really hard to control.

 In many cases, bruxism has no symptoms and diagnosis occurs during a routine dental check-up. In advanced cases, the wear of our teeth can lead to the loss of the vertical height of our bite, with an accumulation of saliva in the corners of the mouth and the inversion of the curve of the smile. 

To prevent further dental damage related to bruxism, pay more attention to regular visits to the dentist.

Remedies for teeth grinding

As soon as you are diagnosed with bruxism, the most important is to reduce the discomfort of the symptoms and prevent more serious consequences. Depending on the caused damage treatment options may include the use of teeth grinding guards at night and a repair of tooth wear. 

Reshape your smile!

In case of significant dental damage it is recommended to prosthetically rehabilitate dental pieces in order to reshape or level the biting surface of your teeth and get your confident smile back. Treatment may require multidisciplinary approaches for rehabilitation, first to recover the hight at the molar level then to recover the shape with the use of veneers or crowns.

Although teeth grinding is not a life-threatening condition in severe cases it can negatively impact patient’s quality of life and can cause functional limitations, physical pain, and aesthetical problems.

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Although dental wear due to bruxism is not a life-threatening condition in severe cases, it can adversely affect the patient’s quality of life and can cause functional limitations, physical pain, and cosmetic problems.


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