Holistic Dentistry

A holistic dentist is one who believes your teeth are an integral part of your body and your overall health. Therefore using 100% metal free, biocompatible dental materials, minimally invasive procedures, and recommendations intended to prevent future disease, discomfort, and damage.

Why choose metal-free implants?

We offer titanium dental implants. However, in some cases, these aren’t the right option for the individual patient.

The vast majority of implants are titanium and have been for many years. Titanium has a justified reputation for strength and biocompatibility. The titanium is used to create the missing root of the tooth on which the new ‘tooth’ is fitted.

However, this can pose a problem for some patients. The most common issue is an allergy or sensitivity to metals.

Metal-free ceramic implants work slightly differently. They are a more recent development in dental treatment and we offer them here at Clinica Dental Crooke Marbella, Spain.

Whereas titanium is used in place of the root in traditional implants, ceramic is used in holistic dental treatment. The body reacts slightly different to this and indeed allows the jawbone to grow around the implant, making it incredibly stable.

Choosing between ceramic implants or metal implants

Understandably you may be concerned about making the right choice for your dental wellbeing. Both traditional implants and ceramic implants represent a good choice. There is no general rule of right or wrong. Each case needs to be considered individually.

Arguably, a fully ceramic one piece implant looks more natural than a titanium implant. To some degree, this depends on the expertise of the dentist and the nature of your gums and teeth.

The advantages of ceramic implants

The most obvious advantage of ceramic dental implants is that they provide a safe option for those with metal allergies or sensitivities. The prevalence of metal allergies in Europe is reasonably high. Some data points to over 17% of individuals being allergic or sensitive to some type of metal. Though relatively rare, some individuals are allergic to titanium specifically.

It would appear that the number of people experiencing these allergies and sensitivities is increasing. It is believed that this is due to increased exposure. Exposure through bodily implants is also being shown to trigger immune responses to metals, and this includes titanium.

Ceramic dental implants also carry the advantage that they are a more natural option and therefore suit those who follow a more holistic approach to their health and wellbeing.

Finally, ceramic implants or holistic dental treatment achieves the most natural look. They are aesthetically beautiful, creating a natural smile that renews your confidence.


Isn’t zirconia a metal?…

Titanium and Zirconia dental implants are both metals. To create a metal-free implant we use only the ceramic element of Zirconium, known as zirconia oxide. These are metal-free. Both bone grafts in dental treatment, and metal implants, can be rejected by the body as ‘foreign material’. In addition to straight-forward dental implants, holistic metal-free dental treatment applies when bone grafts are needed. Typically, the bone used in such grafts comes from another biological source (both human and animal). However, it is always considered best if grafting bone comes from the same individual. This can bring other worries and concerns. The good news is that the same zirconia oxide method which creates natural dental implants can be used to create the bone needed for dental bone grafts. Your body absorbs and merges this material to your jaw bone in the same way that a broken arm would heal. It’s an incredible process of the human body at work, naturally. This type of graft, and indeed implant, reduces the risk of infection (and therefore limits need for antibiotics) and reduces the risk of rejection, which is still possible with titanium implants.

Holistic dentistry is a global perspective of the patient

Are there any cases when holistic ceramic metal-free implants aren’t suitable?

There are some factors that you should consider to decide which is the best option for you. Dental implants are expensive in themselves, due to the years of research and development of large producers.

At Clinica Dental Crooke Marbella we strive to significantly reduce these costs by always looking for new offers with the producer without reducing the quality. Zirconia dental implants are more expensive than metal implants, because of the added lab work. The price difference can vary between 15 and 20%. The price is usually a determining factor when choosing the type of implant.

There are other factors that you should also consider. When you need a complete set of dental reconstruction or a full arch of implants, then titanium is a more sensible option. This is because of the ability to perform micro-changes in the angles with titanium implants. It is also important to remember that titanium implants have a long history. There is a large amount of data that you can investigate. While the first indications are that zirconia dental implants are very durable and a good option, we do not have the benefit of years of history as with titanium.
It is also imperative that you choose a dentist who is experienced and is specifically qualified in dental implants. The technique is remarkably different and the result depends to a large extent on the skill of the dentist. Our team of leading dentists has been at the forefront of the development and learning of cosmetic dentistry. It is also worth choosing a dental clinic that offers all types of implants so you know you are recommending the right option, not just everything they offer. 

3 Step Implants – Holistic approach


Smile Design & Digital Surgery Planning

  • First, some pictures will be taken to design your ideal smile.
  • Then we will obtain a CBCT scan that will allow us to make a complete 3D analysis of your teeth and bone. Thanks to this technology, the patient is part of the team in the design of his new smile, it is revised, modified until the approval.
  • The biggest advantage of having a multidisciplinary team of dentists working in your case is the contribution of specialization when determining the best treatment plan to achieve the ideal smile.
  • Your dentist will explain the entire treatment plan convenient and will help you decide which one is most convenient for you

Navigated surgery and provisional smile

  • The dental surgeon will perform a navigated surgery procedure to place the implants. This means that they will use GPS devices for the placement of the implant, making sure they are placed exactly in the correct position and depth.
  • The specialist in aesthetics will place the provisional smile. It will last until the implants are ready for the final prosthesis.
  • Aesthetic and functional verification.

The final smile

  • Your dentist will check your implants and confirm that everything is as expected
  • Final placement of the prosthesis
  • Adjustment and post-treatment photographs

Other holistic techniques and treatments



Plasma rich in growth factors. It is a biomedical technology through which we can stimulate tissue regeneration by concentrating growth factors and other proteins present in the patient’s own blood plasma. After taking blood from the patient, it is processed to extract a complex set of biological mediators, including growth factors, cytokines and a matrix or “scaffold” that supports the new tissue under construction. PRGF can be used to promote growth and regeneration in the bone, gum tissue and healing dental implants. It is also very helpful in getting tooth removal sites to heal properly. In general, PRGF will assist in helping sites heal and regenerate, faster and better with less pain and swelling.

No options for allergies, it is made with your own blood.


Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique

In a lot of countries, like Spain, amalgam fillings are forbidden a long time ago.

Mercury has been used as a filling material in dentist offices. What patients don’t know, is that mercury fillings are made up of over 50% of mercury which is the most toxic substance on earth. We use safe methods to remove mercury fillings and replace them with porcelain BPA-free white fillings. We use techniques that minimize the harm that amalgam can cause. We also use rubber dams, and high suction evacuation with special filters to also avoid contamination in a special box in our clinics, we remove mercury fillings safely.


BPA-Free Fillings

We also offer Bisphenol A-free porcelain fillings, which is a chemical found in many plastics that has negative health and environmental impacts.

Always investigating, looking for the best materials, less toxics, without compromising results.