Dental implants offer the best solution for individuals experiencing tooth loss. This procedure, when accompanied by proper oral care, can lost forever and reinstate confidence in one’s smile. Dr. Eduardo Crooke, Dr. Ricardo Recena and Dr Félix Wucherpfennig, with large experience in Oral Surgery, lead the Implantology Area at Crooke Dental Clinic.

Tooth-dental implant

Should you deem this treatment necessary, it is important to acknowledge that our team of implant specialists will evaluate the suitability of this dental intervention through a personalized assessment. They will carry out the following examinations:

  • CT Scan: a three-dimensional image of the patient’s oral cavity. It allows the dentist to select the implant dimensions without compromising any anatomical or neurological structures.
  • Intraoral and extraoral imaging: Used for comprehensive case analysis, these images aid in visualizing prosthetic space and determining requisite aesthetic enhancements.
  • Digital model records: Facilitating prosthetic space evaluation and future tooth design, this method contributes to treatment planning.


Various implant procedures are available at Crooke Dental Clinic. Each one depends on the patient´s characteristics.

Single Implants


It is a titanium root that replaces natural roots in specific tooth loss sites. It mitigates facial atrophy, enhancing smile aesthetics, and bolstering comfort and self-assurance.

Full Oral Rehabilitation Over Regular Implants


For patients with extensive tooth loss. This approach involves multiple implants in the maxilla to support dental prostheses. The quantity is determined by prosthetic requirements.

Full Oral Rehabilitation Over Zygomatic Implants


Recommended for patients with large upper jaw bone loss. This procedure requires longer-than-standard implants anchored in the zygomatic bone.

Customized Mesh


An alternative to zygomatic implants. It involves uniquely fashioned mesh implants adapted to the maxilla  surface, ensuring secure attachment via 5 mm micro-fixations.

If you are considering the possibility of undergoing dental implant treatment, you can arrange a consultation at our clinic. Our team of implantologists will give you a tailored diagnosis and will decide the most suitable procedure for you.


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